Facebook Topics

Facebook Topics

Do you have difficulty coming up with little items or snippets to share as opening facebook topics? I’ve been experiencing great difficulty. To find topics which might actually interest people, especially readers of romance and contemporary fiction isn’t so simple I’ve discovered. I look through my news feed at friends’ posts and while there are often little dits which are very interesting, so many are of no interest or value to me at all. Time spent on any social media site is valuable and I’d like to think it was time well spent in my pursuit of genuine friends and readers for my sweet romances.

Recently I worked with a guy who was far more savvy than I about on-line marketing. His suggestion to picture my target reader as one single individual, instead of a mass of faceless people initially had merit but then slowly I tapered off in my attempts to “talk” with this woman who we affectionately named Susie. Susie was a darling, but so busy and involved with her own life and family, she soon found she had as little time as me to be responding on social media sites. Or it could be that poor old Susie got totally bored with me and my facebook posts. Of course to keep my ego intact, I must rely on the first reason as being the appropriate one for her occasional silence.

But I refuse to be responsible for boring Susie. She hasn’t got time to waste so I’m determined to give her some good stuff to read. Stuff she’ll enjoy, get a laugh out of, feel a little weepy, be thankful for, or be able to use or pass on to others. My immediate problem, of course, is what that good stuff will consist of. Hmm therewith sits my problem.

In one of my many notebooks (I have about twenty around the house – all for notes about some facet of my writing career) I have started a list. Have I ever mentioned I’m a list maker? I can’t plan a story before I write it no matter how much I try, but I can sure be structured when it comes to writing lists about almost everything else. Anyway, back to my facebook list. This list is going to be exhaustive – although I currently have only one item on it – hey, I only dreamed up the idea about fifteen minutes ago, give me a chance! Back to my list again. I’m going to list everything under the sun that might be interesting to Susie. Yes I know half of them will get crossed out and Susie will never see them, but that’s okay. Because if they stay on the list, I’ll have decided they’re worthy of sharing. Instead of my attempts to date where I’ve just plucked something out of the air.

What do you like to see on Facebook and other social media? What sort of comments? What type of subjects? What sort of pictures/photos? What do you take the time to respond to, or to share with your own friends? What makes you take that time to respond? I’d love to know. I’d also love to know what annoys people or turns them off in a hurry. Anyone out there willing to help me with this, I’d be most grateful.

My aim is to get away from the weather and books and movies and current tv programmes. Dogs and cats and other peoples funnies – I want to produce a few funnies of my own. Love stories can contain so much more than just the romance so I’m searching for some of those warm, fuzzy and fun types of comments which will bring some pleasure and an occasional smile. Posts worthy of a ‘share’ now and then wouldn’t hurt either, of course. Somewhere inside this brain of mine I have a wealth of information which can decypher into hundreds of exciting and never-thought-of-before topics. See you later. I’m off to see if I can find number two for my list. Wonder how many hours it will take me?



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