Extension to my Career

An Extension to my Career

Earlier in the year I was told I needed an extension to my career as a writer. Advised to have another stream of income to augment my book sales, my business mentoring course facilitator’s suggestion I could share what I had learnt during my road to publication seemed like an okay plan to me. After all, my role in the Navy for many years had been as a training instructor and I enjoyed this very much. It was a role I felt very comfortable in and I had gained some success with my trainees over the years. I agreed to give it a shot. The enthusiasm at the idea of me ‘training’ again grew as I scoured the Internet and books and notes I had squirrelled away over the years. That enthusiasm reached its height as I prepared numerous lesson plans and handouts.

I am very excited because this week has seen the culmination of that preparation. My first step to running writing workshops and courses for anyone interested in writing within the romance genre is to give presentations to interested groups outlining my plans/ideas. This week I’ve spoken to two groups and I’ve had a response far beyond what I had hoped for. My confidence in what I’ve planned has sky rocketed. There are lots of people out there who are interested in writing but are reluctant, for whatever reason, to actually make the start. My aim is to encourage them, give them some guidelines and watch them flourish.

But because the silly season is fast approaching and people are so busy, classes will not commence until the New Year. Meanwhile I will continue to speak to any interested groups and convince people that writing is so very good for the brain. We must keep using our brains least they become dormant and disease gains a controlling hand.

The response to last night’s talk has raised yet another idea in my mind…but no, that’s for another day

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