Do you have difficulty choosing names for your characters?

I always find it difficult to choose names for my characters. Surnames are easy. I close my eyes, flick back and forth through the phone book and pick a page. Once I’m on that page I have another roam around, with a pencil this time. When I open my eyes the pencil tells me the surname of my character. That’s how I came up with Smith for Devon in “Devon’s Dream”. There wasn’t another name on the page so I never had much choice that day lol. I often spend hours going through baby name books for Christian names, though, making lists just like we did with each pregnancy. Today something strange happened. Justin’s name is pre-ordained because of his appearance in “Worlds Apart” but I hadn’t got far enough into his story to need a name for my heroine. I decided to check the Net for popular names from 1990 (I probably should have made it 1980 but we’ll overlook that for now). I was scrolling through them when I noticed ‘Justin” was the 19th most popular name for boys so it stood to reason I should choose the 19th girls’ name for my heroine in “Justin’s Story” hence Nicole was born. She’s already making an impression.

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