Dealing With Bad Reviews

Dealing With Bad Reviews

Anyone writing seriously knows how important reviews can be, and I’ve often wondered how good I would be at dealing with bad reviews. I’ve just found out. After a few devastating seconds while my heart thumped and I had the most terrible taste in my mouth, I tried to come to grips with the knowledge that someone hadnt liked the story I’d devoted 6 months of my life to. Then I laughed. I actually laughed out loud. I can’t guarantee this will always be my response to a less than glowing review but I’m now past my very first unsatisfied reader. That is the first unsatisifed reader who’s bothered to leave a review of the story, anyway.

Let me explain. A casual check of “Wilderness Liaison” on Amazon yesterday revealed two new reviews. I thank the reader who recently awarded the story 4 stars and made some lovely comments. I also thank the second reviewer who took the time to issue 2 stars and find expressive adjectives like ‘boring’ and ‘monotonous’ to express his reader (dis)pleasure at the storyline.

2.0 out of 5 stars A survival/adventure ‘wannabe’ turned boring romance.
I expected a survival /adventure story, but got a boring romance with a man and woman turning monotonous hate into monotonous love. Those into romance fiction might like it. Not the type of fiction I seek.

Surely the blurb highlights this as a romance, not a survival/adventure story? Didn’t he read the blurb before buying? (I assume it is a male, although I do know of a woman who used the male spelling of this name). I could object to his wording in the heading of the review, but I’m thankful. It alerts anyone checking that he was mistaken in his choice of genre and obviously then disappointed. Quite understandable. His comment is quite valid from someone looking for an adventure story. I can well understand his frustration. But I do sincerely thank him for suggesting romance fiction readers might like it.

So there’s my first “bad” review. I guess I’m pretty lucky to have received one like this. He hasn’t torn my writing ability to shreds or suggested I should crawl back under a rock somewhere. His mere dissatisfaction at the mistaken genre is very easy to stomach. And I thank him for taking the time to post anything.


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