Covid-19 is Contagious

There are crazy people out there who deny Covid-19 is contagious. Or they reckon that its no more contagious than the flu. I for one would not be risking my health or my nearest and dearest to test this theory out.

Recently, talking to a cousin in Scotland, I heard a story I’d like to share. Surely it will prove these “there’s no reason for social distancing” theories false.

My cousin’s nephew spent five weeks in Aberdeen hospital with Covid-19. Some of those days are lost forever because he has no memory of much of the time he was confined.

Until recently, he and his family were living a pretty normal lifestyle. Work and schooling taking up a majority of their days. They were all fit and well. Until the employers of the eldest son returned from a holiday in Italy. Unbeknown to anyone at that time, Covid-19 had returned with them.

Within a short while the son had the virus. Subsequently, he had also infected his whole household, two parents and three siblings. Thankfully only the father required ongoing life-saving hospital treatment.

Unfortunately for the community they live in, the continuing spread of the virus proved how contagious Covid-19 is. Very contagious. As a result of contacts with that one couple a large number of an isolated community became infected. All reported cases link back to one source.

Is Covid-19 contagious? Of course it is. Any virus can be shared if care is not taken. The issue many appear to be ignoring is that with this virus, it’s infection rate is so much higher than other viruses like measles, the flu etc.

social distancing because Covid-19 is contagious - man and woman seated apart

This war is not over. It is far from over. I appreciate other countries have not been as fortunate. New Zealand is very lucky to have closed our borders and isolated its citizens. We appear to be getting on top of the virus, but must not become complacent. Social distancing is the key. Please continue to consider others.

Covid-19 is contagious so Where's Waldo has only 5 people in picture on large playing field.

Scientists around the world are working endlessly to find cures and vaccines for Covid-19. Medical staff the world over are willing to put themselves in jeopardy to care for sufferers. So what can little old us do? Nothing?

Wrong! We can help too. Beating this virus isn’t rocket science. There is something we are all able to do. Don’t bury your head in the sand and believe Covid-19 is not contagious. Above all, continue to socially distance yourself from as many people as possible, and you’ll have done your bit to beat this killer. Therefore, you too can be a soldier on the front line of this war.


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  1. Thank you Paula. I do feel very fortunate. NZ will take forever to get back on its feet economically, like all countries, but at least we lost so few of our population. You stay safe now, too

  2. Well said, Anne. I envy you your NZ Prime Minister who acted quickly and decisively, while our UK government delayed and made horrendous errors of judgement – and are STILL not quarantining people who arrive at our airports 🙁 The death toll here continues to be heartbreaking.
    Hope you and your family stay safe and well.

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