Coping With Isolation?

Coping with isolation isn’t easy. What are you doing during the lock down? How are you keeping yourself busy and free from boredom? I know it is much more difficult for some people than others. Extroverts likely struggle to abide by the enforced isolation. But their effort is making a difference. Kiwis avoiding any social interaction are saving lives.

Are you coping with isolation? What are you doing to while away the hours and days? I believe renovations/redecorating homes or gardens are high on some lists. I heard one neighbour in their garden yesterday with a chain saw. Another neighbour has been doing odd small building projects around his house. A dear friend has been knitting (and sewing – depending on her mood) for the hospital.

I’m not on any social media sites very often right now, but I did have a little look today. I found one group were interacting by asking for details of others’ enlistment into the Navy. Another asking how they had all originally met. I saw a number of suggested culinary delights to test the taste buds – luckily just after I’d had my breakfast. Shots of artistic projects, painting and photography, both appeared on my feed this morning too.

So how am I coping with isolation? Well, to be honest, I’m enjoying myself. I’m treating the time as a holiday. What am I doing? I’m reading, doing jigsaws and playing cards a lot of the time. Having fun. I’m not doing too much writing, probably only about 5000 words over the week, which is a dismal effort.

Playing cards while coping with isolation
We’re hooked on this game

I can’t exchange my library books so have been reading some pretty old romances I have stocked up by the hundreds. Clearing out my book shelves before this isolation is over. My son – there are three of us in our bubble – has suggested I might like to read one of his old books for some variety. Divergent by Veronica Roth. Not something I would take off the shelf normally, but it’s next on my TBR (to be read) list.

Books I've read while coping with isolation
A few days reading material

As a family, we haven’t resorted to DVD’s or Netflix for entertainment yet, I’m pleased to say. We do have a few movies recorded we’ll gradually watch, I guess, but other than catching all the news updates four or five times a day, I’m not watching much television either. My son is able to work from home and is coping with his isolation by playing video games. I have to admit I downloaded Microsoft Ultimate Word Games during the week.

I do appreciate many are finding isolation very difficult and do not wish to downplay their distress. Two more weeks isn’t such a long time when the alternative could be a lifetime to someone else. Thank you everyone for your efforts. Stay safe, stay well and most importantly, be kind.


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