Contest – Win a PDF of Wilderness Liaison

Contest – Win a PDF of Wilderness Liaison

Be in to win a PDF of Wilderness Liaison (or another of my books if you’ve already read this one). I will draw the winner from all correct entries on 3 Dec – please ensure you include contact email so I can send you your prize. (I will not use your email for any other purpose)

Its so simple. Just suggest a reason why this might have occurred. You can guess my reaction if you want, but that’s not part of the contest.

While on holiday in England last month I was stopped in Bradford on Avon and asked if I would allow my ‘chest’ to be photographed.

What the…Why? Ahh, the mind boggles, doesn’t it? C’mon. Have a go. Give me some thoughts. Was it a male or female? That might affect the reason. Was I braless? Was I wearing a wet tee-shirt? Had I just taken part in a wet tee-shirt contest and won first prize? Were they checking for silicone implants? I will tell you I wasn’t taking part in a Naturist day.

Thanks for taking part. I’m looking forward to your responses.


Contest – Win a PDF of Wilderness Liaison — 3 Comments

  1. You were wearing a “I’m a closet romance reader” tee shirt. And you proudly smiled for the camera.

  2. I would guess that you had an interesting purse/handbag (or whatever the thing women carry around with everything you would ever need in it is called in your parts) that they wanted to photograph. After you wolloped them with it they explained that they wanted to photograph the object you were hitting them with.

    Option two is that they wanted to photograph your suitcase. It was probably bulging from all the “I can’t live without this” items you bought. After all, how often do you get to travel to the other side of the planet? Some of those items were what you brought with you from NZ. They were curious to see how they compared to good old English versions.