Celebrating This Week

Looking Back At This Week

As I’m sitting at my desk organising some up and coming blogs I intend to post, I realised its been a few days since I posted on my blog. But what shall I write, what can I share? Then it came to me. Why not look at the week that’s just past and decide what there was within those days that I could celebrate. Immediately I knew what I could write about.

On Tuesday hubby and I attended our granddaughter’s school Year 1 and 2 prizegiving. I guess these occasions are very similar the world over. Proud parents, grandparents, friends and siblings squashed into a school hall not big enough to hold them. Nervous teachers hoping their charges will remember to do whatever they’re supposed to. Little kids behaving so beautifully as their gaze searches the crowd for sight of their family members.

We had a couple of chuckles but were generally very impressed. My mind boggled as a list of the school’s activities for the year was read out. No wonder young children appear so much aware of everything around them. These littlies had been learning all manner of things so far beyond ‘reading, writing and arithmetic’ as I remember it.

We listened to Christmas songs we’d never heard before – how refreshing that was – unsure whether they’d been written by the teachers, or was it just I don’t spend too much time listening to Christmas music. I couldn’t help remember similar days sitting through our own daughter’s school concerts and end of year prize givings. But this week she was there observing her daughter. How quickly time slips away.

sophWhen our granddaughter (6) was singled out to receive a certificate, I felt such a swell of pride. But where was that confident, noisy, rambunctious girl we know and love? The shy little tyke who crept up on stage couldn’t be the same girl, surely lol.

Congratulations to my darling, Sophie. We’re so proud of her efforts this year. And we’re equally proud of her little brother, who sat relatively quietly on his mother’s knee all through the prize giving when I’m sure his thoughts were focused on that wonderful school playground just begging to be played in. My congratulations to all the teachers and teacher’s aides, too. What a wonderful, selfless job they do, and often don’t receive the credit and thanks they deserve. We are so lucky to live in a country where good education is so freely available.

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