Grammatical Errors

As a writer I probably make more grammatical errors than my contemporaries. I’m actually useless at most things “grammar”. Without those ugly green lines under my work and my editor who knows where I’d be now. But I guess some of Maggie’s corrections and advice has sunk in over the years. Without actually realising it, my understanding of at least some grammatical principles has stuck. This morning I’m mucking around a bit as I’m doing the weekly clean of my … Continue reading

Travel Bug

Do You Have The Travel Bug? I most definitely do. I love the idea of travelling so much I wonder if I was born with the urge to travel. Although as the end of every trip away from home sneaks up, I admit to the urge to get back to reality, to sleep in my own bed again. But that need soon fades and I’m ready to begin planning another trip. I am so fortunate to live in a country … Continue reading

What Is The Greatest Legacy A Person Can Leave?

What’s the greatest legacy a parent left/could leave behind? Let’s keep away from practical things like money, houses, cars, etc. Have you received something which has impacted on your life? Some unforgetable advice shared with you by an elder member of your family? My mother was an amazing person, but so self effacing. She never realised how much she shared, how much she taught or how much she encouraged me (and my siblings).  She had little sayings she’d occasionally drop … Continue reading

A Genealogy Question – Go Back Or Go Forward To Meet Your Family Members??

If you had an option, would you wish to go back or go forward to meet your family members – your ancestors/descendants? I know its an unrealistic theory but lets just play at manipulating time. Which would you want to do? What would appeal most? To go back or go forward to meet your family members – your ancestors or your descendants? I recently came up with this question and it took some time to decide which way I would … Continue reading

Northern Hemisphere Summer Is Close – Time To Visit The Beach

  Summer means its time to visit the beach With summer fast approaching the Northern Hemisphere this means its time to visit the beach for many of my readers. I know quite a few headed in that direction last weekend for US Memorial Weekend. Do you live close enough that a visit to the coast is a possible weekend or holiday destination? Do you have a favourite beach? My special beach is Colac Bay, on New Zealand’s southern coast. This … Continue reading

Behind The Bedroom Door

The phrase ‘behind the bedroom door’ as it applies to the romance genre Are you aware of the interpretation of the phrase ‘behind the bedroom door’ or ‘behind closed doors’ with regard to romance reading? Is it one you would search for on-line to find the type of romance stories you like to read? I’ve tried and it’s an unreliable keyword. The fact there is at least one book entitled “behind the bedroom door” does not help. When I began … Continue reading

Talk about Writing

I love to talk about writing. Recently I discovered a fantastic outlet to talk about writing. Not to obviously established or budding writers but to the “ordinary” public. On two recent breaks I have been given the opportunity to present talks to anyone interested in attending. I’ve been thoroughly encouraged by how many people are keen to attempt to write something. I talked about novel writing in one presentation and writing romantic fiction in another. Novel writing drew a larger … Continue reading

Free Romance Book “Devon’s Dream”

Free Romance Book “Devon’s Dream” Are you on the lookout for a clean contemporary romance to read? Next week you can download my free romance book “Devon’s Dream” from Amazon It will be free from 2-6 May so you have plenty of time to load it onto your e-reader. If you enjoy reading ‘secret baby’ stories, you’re sure to love this one. The ‘baby’ – now 12 years old – play a major role in getting her parents together. … Continue reading

Kiwi Summer Beach Party

Join the Kiwi Summer Beach Party on Facebook today. A group of New Zealand writers have joined together to celebrate the summer with a giant beach party. Many different genres are being represented. Its going to be a fun time for us all. What does a kiwi summer beach party look like? Well, I guess it depends on where you live and how you like to enjoy the sun and surf around you. We are so lucky. New Zealand has … Continue reading

Reflecting Through New Year

Reflecting I suppose reflecting over the year just gone is a common thing for most of us. I did manage to stay awake to welcome 2018 in last night. Then I found myself reflecting over some major and many minor occurrences of 2017. We had a wonderful year of travel, taking in three longish cruises and time spent in Rome and Buenos Aires. I did enjoy the short forays into numerous ports of call on our cruises. It helps make … Continue reading