Wilderness Liaison

The concrete jungle defines financier Shal Gregory, who thrives on the sheer vitality of the fast-paced corporate world. Until he find himself alone in the thick of the New Zealand bush with a feisty guide who despises everything he stands for.

Jodie Mathieson’s devotion to the wilderness fulfills her. She isn’t prepared for an intimate liaison with a man who clearly does not share her love of the great outdoors. When sparks between them ignite-Jodi runs.

Bewildered but determined, Shal tracks Jodie down, resolving to convince her that having differing life goals isn’t enough to keep them apart.




Read an Excerpt from Wilderness Liaison

“Last night was a mistake,” Jodie began, refusing to make eye contact as her waved arm encompassed the room behind them.
“A mistake?” Shal’s voice had dropped. “It didn’t feel like a mistake to me.”
“Well it was, and it won’t be happening again.”
Although she tried, she couldn’t shake off Shal’s fingers as they grasped her chin and forced her to look at him.
“What?” he frowned, “I don’t understand.”
Jodie tried to look away from his confusion, but his hold on her chin tightened.
“Talk to me, damn it. What’s wrong?”
You are, she wanted to scream at him. You’re all wrong for me, nothing like the man I’d want in my life. But she swallowed the truth along with her panic and prayed her voice sounded calm. “Like I said, last night was a mistake. It shouldn’t have happened.”
He was silent for so long, Jodie wondered if he was ever going to reply. His dark eyes swept the vista in front of the cabin before returning to drill into hers.
“Your head might be telling you that,” he murmured, “but you’re body’s saying something quite the opposite.” Mesmerised she watched his eyes drop to her neck. “I can see your pulse beating, Jodie – it’s racing–”
“Only cos I’m angry.”
Shal’s hands cupped her face and his fingers slid up through her hair. “You’re not angry, Jodie,” he whispered, his lips tantalisingly close. “You’re aroused.”
Unconsciously her dry lips opened, her tongue flicking across them. She felt an exhilarating sense of power when a groan escaped him as his mouth captured hers, demanding, and getting a response.
Shal clutched her shaking body. “Last night was fantastic. Don’t spoil it by denying that.”
Feeling herself falling deeper and deeper into a hole, Jodie somehow gained the strength to yank herself away from his touch.