The CEO Gets Her Man

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The CEO Gets Her ManOnce burned by love hotel CEO Debra appears a hard and unforgiving woman. Ensuring her company’s success fills her life. Poor returns from a hotel in southern New Zealand sends her undercover to ascertain why. Is it theft or mismanagement by an unexperienced assistant manager affecting the profits? She will not tolerate either. Ex-international rugby star and assistant manager Jase is struggling to keep the hotel afloat. An unpredictable manager, unattainable demands from Head Office and employee unrest are adding to his stress level. Now a haughty new waitress with no obvious experience is causing mayhem in the restaurant. Can Debra ignore the schoolgirl crush she once had on Jase or is it unfairly colouring her suspicions about him? As emotions develop between them Debra’s extreme self-confidence begins to crack. How will Jase react when he learns the truth? Debra walks away believing no-one could love the real Debra. But fate will force them together again.

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Jase had already identified the new member of staff before George signalled her to join them. Although dressed exactly as the other waitresses bustling around the tables, this one stood out. Tall and poised she crossed the floor like some high class model on a catwalk. Her almost regal carriage was totally at variance with the uniform she wore. His concern increased as she acknowledged George’s introduction with a cool, almost haughty nod of her elegant head. Although her greeting was formal, her dark eyes held a mysterious sparkle. “How do you do, Mr McEwan?” The reply tripled his anxiety. Her accent smacked of privilege and private schooling. “What brings you to Southland, Debbie? Or more to the point, to Riversleigh?” “I prefer Debra or Deb please.” Jase noted she managed to look down her nose even though he stood at least twenty centimetres taller. She stared him dead in the eye. “I needed a change and Mr Rivers was kind enough to offer me the position.” “Yes, well I expect Mr Rivers will ensure you settle into your new role quickly.” His nod of dismissal was ignored. It took a light touch on her arm and a slight movement of George’s head for her to turn her back and step away. “George! For God’s sake, what were you thinking of? Look.” He pointed to where she stood undecided about what to do next. “She’s not a waitress. I’d bet my savings she’s never done a day’s work in her life.”