Return to Riversleigh

Return to Riversleigh

Return to Riversleigh is a clean contemporary romance suitable for 16+ set in the southern province of New Zealand. It is a sequel to my earlier story, “The CEO Gets Her Man”.

Back Blurb:

Shannon’s adrenalin junkie husband gambled away their security and his life. Determined 12 year old Thomas retains his beloved father’s image, Shannon’s decisions, which include leaving Auckland, upset her son. The angst between them has reached breaking point.

His brother’s death changed Luke. The carefree adventurer now has two children to raise on the farm he’d escaped years ago. Developing an adventure park might restore something of his previous life. His friend, Jase McEwan, warns he’ll need help. Out of work Shannon has the qualifications.

Reluctant to associate with another careless adventurer, Shannon finds Luke’s blasé attitude and claims of unlimited finances worrying. But she soon accepts Luke is unlike her husband. Despite Luke encouraging Thomas to escape Shannon’s mollycoddling, friendship develops and other emotions surface.

But will any chance of a deeper relationship be destroyed when Shannon discovers Luke is a gambler, too?


Shannon leapt up from her chair and stomped across to the window. Why did he have to spoil everything? She gripped the windowsill and leant her head against the cold glass. Why did emotion have to infringe on such a great working rapport? If I’m going to keep working here, I have to do something fast.

With no idea where Luke might be but suspecting he’d be somewhere in the house with Amy, Shannon spun around and stormed down the hallway. She found him sitting in the lounge flicking through a farmers weekly magazine while Amy watched television. Using it as a babysitter to limit his responsibilities. Shannon’s lips tightened even more at his lack of parental care. She marched in and stood between him and the television screen. Her fingers rolled into fists at the lazy, relaxed expression on his face as he looked up.

“I told you the day I arrived here, Luke. I’ve come to work for you, not to provide you with some plaything whenever you might become bored. If you’re unwilling to accept this, you can have my resignation.”

With a hasty glance toward his niece, Luke jumped to his feet. “Jeez, Shannon.” He rubbed an agitated hand around his neck. “It was only a kiss.”

Only a kiss. More an earthquake under my feet. Her expression must have blackened as he thrust up a hand. “Okay, okay, whatever you say. I sure as hell don’t want your damned resignation.”