Leath’s Legacy

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Back Blurb

After years of financial struggle Leath Robson and her brother are ecstatic when they’re willed a property in northern New Zealand. It gives them some much needed/highly sought after security. But who was this old lady who’d left them so much? Leath struggles with guilt when discovering their benefactor had spent her last years in a nursing home.

Kirk Buchanan had left the family farm years ago to make his fortune. Summoned home he’s devastated to find his father suffering from Alzheimers. Hearing his dad likes to visit his childhood home, Kirk resolves to buy the place to ensure his safety. It’s not much but he has to do something.

Unfortunately the property has new owners who keep refusing his generous offers. He must have his father’s birthplace. Obviously a more personal approach is called for.

Excerpt From Leath’s Legacy

Kirk strode toward Penny’s house cursing under his breath. It was midweek; he hadn’t expected anyone to be here, except hopefully his wandering father. Now, if only he could get by with a neighbourly query without having to explain his father’s condition.

He banged on the door.

He banged again. “Miss Robson, are you there?” He thumped his fist a third time before sounds within stayed his hand. The door burst open and he was confronted by a raging tornado in ugly, tight-fitting clothes.

“You!” The spit in her voice was accompanied by a scowl that might have sent a lesser man running. “What are you doing searching my sheds? How dare you intrude onto my property!”

His gaze dropped to her right hand, fisted around something small and leaking. His nose twitched at the scent of the fine brown power spilling from her fist as it was gesticulating wildly about. Pepper.

Kirk’s conscience tweaked. She’d seen him and been frightened. Or she had been afraid of an unknown intruder.

He felt his lips twitch. There wasn’t any sign of fear now. No, now he’d identified himself, her tirade was filled with anger. And he could understand. If he’d found someone sniffing around the outbuildings on the farm, he’d have been just as angry.

“Look, I’m sorry, but I can explain—”

“I don’t want an explanation,” she ground out through clenched teeth. “Just get off my land and don’t come back.”

“If you’ll listen—”

“I have no interest in anything you might say. It’s time for you to listen. This place is not for sale. There is nothing you can do; no scare tactics will change our minds. Now get off my land and stay off.” The door was slammed in his face before he could formulate a reply.