Something Every Romance Writer Needs

A Writer’s Friend There is something every romance writer needs – a friend to bounce ideas off. Being a writer is a solitary profession. We sit cloistered in our work space – be it an office or somewhere else – all alone. Except, of course, for the characters rolling around inside our heads demanding escape. Writers all know this aloneness is part of the job. We acknowledge this need. We accept it. We may even relish it. But occasionally, that … Continue reading

My Latest Release

My Latest Release – “Impossible Liaison” I’m very excited to be able to share my latest release with you. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for my new story “Impossible Liaison” to see the light but finally the day is here. This story is part of The Wild Rose Press’s “Champagne” line. Content in this line is slightly more graphic. The publisher advertises these stories as “sensual”. As I know many of my readers prefer a clean story, I … Continue reading


  How Much Research Is Necessary? I’m often asked how much research I do for my stories. Well, I have to admit, not too much. Depending on the romance sub-genre you write for, the level of research necessary for your stories varies greatly. For a writer of historical fiction, careful research is vital. Anyone writing fantasy has to build characters/worlds for their stories which I imagine relies on extensive research. Same applies to futuristic romance. Thankfully for contemporary romance stories, … Continue reading

Settled At Colac Bay

Settled At Colac Bay We soon settled at Colac Bay and became a part of the small community. Those early years seemed idyllic, I never understood how much Mum must have worried about us all, and how we would survive financially. But in her stoic way, she never showed any sign of concern. Not that as a child I could appreciate, anyway. “We joined in everything at Colac as everyone else did and used to have great Christmas parties for … Continue reading

My Writing Space

My Writing Space My writing space is one place and one place alone. Some writers sound like they’re very fluid when it comes to settling down to do their writing. I read social media posts of people writing in bed, on their patios, in their cars, on the beach. I wonder how they manage this. Me? I work in an office in my house. Working on a PC rather than my laptop does limit my locations, but I think I’ve … Continue reading

New Beginning At Colac Bay

Our New Beginning At Colac Bay Obviously our lives changed at the end of 1955. I was 2 years old, Kevin 7 and Janet had just turned 9. Mum had three little kids, and a bunch of sheep and hens to deal with. Thankfully she had an enormous support network of Dad’s family rallying around her. “I continued to look after the sheep but found I needed a lot of help from the neighbours. When someone asked me if I’d … Continue reading

Lacking Confidence Is Okay

Lacking Confidence Shouldn’t Stop You From Writing That Book Within You So the thought of writing that book might be rolling around inside your head, but you’re lacking confidence to actually start? You have far too many doubts pushing aside any possibility you’ll actually produce something readable.  Well, I’m here to suggest now is the time to ignore those doubts.  Take a deep breath and launch yourself head first into a writing frenzy. Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t let that … Continue reading

Merville Loses Husband

Merville Loses Husband For Merville, losing Snow was something she hadn’t been prepared for. Who thinks they might lose their husband after only a few years of marriage? “As the time went by Snow’s health wasn’t so good. He had an enlarged heart and thought he may have to give up work. He talked of building at Colac Bay and living there. We had been to Colac Bay for the weekend and went down to the beach. He just sat … Continue reading

Happy New Year

Happy New Year This is a short post to offer my best wishes to all my friends. What better way to start off the new year than with a little frivolity? What does a caterpillar do on New Years Day? Turns over a new leaf. Okay, so I found that in a kids joke book, but its the best I can do without giving it a lot more thought, lol. I refuse to do something lame like google “happy new … Continue reading

Life In The Forties

Life In The Forties Life in the forties in New Zealand was still governed by ration books and shortages in many areas even after the war ended.  The fifth series of ration books was issued 15th October 1945, just two weeks before my parents married. This exert is from an article entitled “Growing up in NZ” ( and fitted so well with some comments my mother had written. Each person was allowed 26 coupons for clothing every six months, with … Continue reading