Farewell Merville

Farewell Merville, until we meet again. I’ve been avoiding my blog for some weeks now. Not a very sensible thing to do while I continue to gather readers of contemporary clean romance to my side. But I knew my next post would have to acknowledge the death of my wonderful mother, and I’m still not sure how I’m going to manage this in a way that would be of interest to anyone but those who knew her. To any new … Continue reading

My Family History

Researching My Family History I’m on the trail again. Back to researching my family history. The search for further details about my mother’s life can soon continue. I’m very excited to be heading south tomorrow. With my mother in a retirement home, its more difficult to spend quality time with her. Staying with her in her own home, I used to spend hours rehashing her stories. I wanted to ensure I had things recorded correctly. We had the time to … Continue reading

Writing Weak Words

Weak Words Led To Ineffective Prose There are many ways one can recognise an inexperienced writer as one reads a story. Experience (and often a quality editor) helps a writer focus and tighten their work. Using weak words is one of my failings as I rush through writing a story by the seat of my pants. Having a few published books under my belt does not make me an expert by any means. But I have found a few tricks … Continue reading

Genealogy And Me

My Take On Genealogy And What I Enjoy About It Genealogy is a fascinating subject. Or is it just me who thinks so? I’ve loved my mother’s stories about her life. Before television in our house, they kept us entertained at night. My genealogy based blog about my mother is a tribute to her. I will continue it after visiting with her next month. I need to fill in some gaps with more detailed information. But I have much more … Continue reading

Family Memories

Family Memories Family memories can be so varied and come from out in left field, but nevertheless they are all so important to record somewhere. For me that recording is this part of my blog. At any stage of researching family history, a stray memory might trigger a host of further recollections thought buried. That’s what’s happened to me this last week. I’ve just spent some days with my brother and his family in Queensland. I’m not sure what our … Continue reading

Merville’s Life-Cont’d

Soon Came The Next Phase Of Merville’s Life It was now 1945 and Merville and Iris continued happily working in Dunedin’s George Street. Mum thinks the place was called The Red Cafe but wasn’t sure. It was a big restaurant open five days a week. Iris was a cook and Mum the kitchen maid, waitressing if required. “Olive Hicks used to work one day a week in the kitchen so Iris and I became good friends with her. She used … Continue reading

Merville & The Crown Range

Merville & The Crown Range For as long as I can remember, we’ve heard stories about Mum’s bike ride across the Crown Range in Central Otago. Encouraged to tell the story many times and with a different emphasis with almost every telling, I think the three of us were always in awe of our mother for doing such an amazing thing. It was always great to hear her laughing at the memory. “In 1944 we didn’t go back to Motueka … Continue reading

Time At Pangatotara

Time At Pangatotara Merville’s time at the tobacco farms at Pangatotara where filled with long days, hard work and what sounds like a lot of fun in what Mum remembers as “beautiful weather”. Her and Iris worked the tobacco from spring to autumn for two years. During the tobacco “off season” they found casual work on farms around the Nelson/Marlborough area. Mum did go back to Winton once each year to visit her mother. Work began in the spring with … Continue reading

Merville’s Wartime Job

Merville’s Wartime Job In Tobacco Fields My mother Merville, contributed to the war effort in a way that would be frowned upon today, but during World War Two tobacco played such a huge role in providing support to those serving overseas. And to the community at home as well. Merville and Iris began their wartime work when they arrived in Motueka in the spring of 1942. Mum has always recalled the war years as being a very enjoyable time of … Continue reading

Taglines & Loglines

Taglines and Loglines Over the past couple of days I’ve been playing around with taglines and loglines for my next new release “Impossible Liaison”. Rather than risk getting it wrong, I resorted to good old Google to help me out with differentiating between the two. According to the first option which popped up: A “logline” is a (movie’s) concept boiled down to one or two sentences. A “tagline” is a short, clever one-off found on a movie’s poster. I saw … Continue reading