Why Clean Romance

Why Do I Chose To Write Clean Romance? When I first started out writing seriously I was asked a question. What do you like to read? That was easy to answer. I like contemporary romance. I read little else. But I was asked to dig a little deeper and came up with three different words which apparently describe the same romance sub-genre, sweet, traditional, clean. As so many of us are at the beginning of our writing journey, I was … Continue reading

My Interpretation of Clean Romance

What Is Clean Romance? There is often discussion about the sub-genres within romance and I’d like to add my take on what constitutes a clean romance. Other writers may disagree with my interpretation and that’s fine, but I consider my romance stories are clean so I’m sticking to my stance of calling myself a clean romance writer. As many writers do, when “Leath’s Legacy” was released late last year I ‘advertised’ for reviews, offering to send a free e-copy in … Continue reading


What to do with reviews – good, bad and indifferent. Recently I was asked what I do about my reviews, how do I deal with ones that aren’t so great? Reviews are the life blood of a writer and as I recently posted on my Facebook page, I’m badly in need of a transfusion right now. I am concerned with the lack of any reviews for my latest release “Worlds Collide” and am asking anyone who has read it to … Continue reading

Internet Server Charges

Am I Just Lucky With My Internet Server Charges? What a wonderful thing the Internet is. How did we live without it? It’s become so unimaginable to even consider this possibility now. I’m sure my little grandchildren already imagine I grew up in a cave, or close enough to it. My response to “what did you do when you were little, Nana?” leaves them horrified beyond means. “No TV? but you had your IPad, didnt you? And games on your … Continue reading

Writing Workshop

Another Writing Workshop Completed I love holding writing workshops. There is no better way of sharing the love of the written word than to encourage budding writers to take a leap of faith and burst into print themselves. During the last two weekends I have spent time with a couple of wonderful ladies who I believe will soon be crafting their own stories. I thank them for their attention and their enthusiasm. Not many of us have been gifted with … Continue reading


Is Every Writer A Wordsmith? According to the dictionary I have on my desk – a Cassell Concise Dictionary – the meaning of “wordsmith” is described as “a person skilled in the use of words, esp a writer”. I decided to check a definition as I wanted to add a little extra to my last post about the use of language in some writing. Then I realised one definition isn’t enough, I needed to be sure what I thought ‘wordsmith’ … Continue reading

Use of Language

Use of Language How a writer makes use of language within their writing must help brand them. For example, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist uses much different language than a writer of popular fiction. Or dear I add, a romance writer like myself. But is there any true gauge of which writing is “better”? Although many would say yes, and unhesitatingly assign any popular fiction, and especially romantic fiction, to the lowest rung of whatever ladder being used to test … Continue reading

Interesting Authors To Read

Are you looking for interesting authors? Have you ever started reading a book so far away from your normal genre and then been unable to put it down? Become so captivated with a new, interesting author you’d rather keep reading their story than sleep? I never read any fiction that isn’t contemporary romance. Well virtually never. Perhaps if I was locked in a room with a bunch of books but no romance stories I might cave in and begin reading … Continue reading

Life Experience To Write By

Do You Have Life Experience To Write By? Is it any wonder so many writers are past their teenage years? Often well past those years? I believe you need at least some life experience to write by before you can get your teeth into composing any sort of story. Whether it is fact or literature or popular fiction, children’s or adults, a writer needs to have some connection with the world and all that it encompasses to write anything worthy … Continue reading

“Worlds Collide” Setting

My Reasons For Worlds Collide Setting Why is “Worlds Collide” setting principally in Alexandria rather than New Zealand? I want to stay true to my pledge to include something of New Zealand in every one of my stories. But using a secondary character from a previous story (Worlds Apart) meant I really didn’t have any choice about where I was going to set Justin’s story. Some of it at least, had to be centred around Washington DC. Getting access to … Continue reading