Reflecting Through New Year

Reflecting I suppose reflecting over the year just gone is a common thing for most of us. I did manage to stay awake to welcome 2018 in last night. Then I found myself reflecting over some major and many minor occurrences of 2017. We had a wonderful year of travel, taking in three longish cruises and time spent in Rome and Buenos Aires. I did enjoy the short forays into numerous ports of call on our cruises. It helps make … Continue reading

First 5* Review Return to Riversleigh

First 5* Review of my New Release I guess getting your first review of a new release is always going to be a little nerve-wracking. Will it be okay, or has a reviewer read it and not enjoyed the story at all? Has he/she praised the writer’s ability to spin a yarn, or suggested they need much more honing of those skills needed to produce a good book? After just a few days of requesting a review from someone listed … Continue reading

Website Clean Up

Website Clean Up A website clean up is something to avoid if you’re a techno phobic like me. Although I accept every website needs attention now and then, and mine was long overdue. I think I’ve done everything I set out to do after acknowledging what a mess some of the pages were in. Its obvious I haven’t been spending enough time monitoring the site. I guess I log on and post on my blog and then depart again. Something … Continue reading

Fascinating Genealogy

Fascinating Genealogy For years I’ve been fascinated by the study of genealogy. I guess its mainly been with regard to my own family’s history. I loved listening to the stories my mother shared with us. Her story-telling and sense of humour often had us in tears of laughter as she regaled tales from long ago. I grew up knowing so much about my ancestors. Even though they were only names, they filled a big part of me knowing who I … Continue reading

Like Minded People

RNZN Provides Like Minded People Too Outside your family and immediate circle of close friends, do you sometimes struggle to feel connected to others? To find a link which immediately unites you with some sort of bond? When I talk or think about like minded people nowadays, I think of writers. Ones I know personally, social media friends or just writers whose work I’ve enjoyed, these are the people on my wave length.  Apart from my family and all the … Continue reading

Finding Photos of Women In the RNZN

Finding Photos of Women in the RNZN Finishing the text portion of this book of memories made me feel like I had achieved a real pinnacle. Finally we – the RNZN Women’s Association – could feel we had a little of our history recorded. Enhancing the record by finding photos of women in the RNZN was the last step before publication. But this proved much more difficult than I anticipated. I had a small variety of images which I thought … Continue reading

Women’s Service From WRNZNS To RNZN

Women’s Service WRNZNS To RNZN 1942-2017 There is a wealth of history to be recorded of women’s service in the New Zealand navy. I have neglected my romance writing to enable us to capture some of that history in a book of memories. From July 1942 until today in 2017 thousands of woman have taken the pledge to serve King (Queen) and country. With contributions from some of these women, the Royal New Zealand Naval Women’s Association is publishing a … Continue reading

Collating Women’s Memories From Service In RNZN

Venturing Into Non-Fiction With Women’s Memories My comfort zone has been sorely tested over the last few months as I ventured into the field of non-fiction writing. I’ve prepared a book on women’s memories from their service time in the Royal New Zealand Navy. Romance writing and everything connected to it has been neglected. This website, my blog, my social media outlets, they all took a back seat. The project took more time and energy than I expected. Some years … Continue reading

Something Every Romance Writer Needs

A Writer’s Friend There is something every romance writer needs – a friend to bounce ideas off. Being a writer is a solitary profession. We sit cloistered in our work space – be it an office or somewhere else – all alone. Except, of course, for the characters rolling around inside our heads demanding escape. Writers all know this aloneness is part of the job. We acknowledge this need. We accept it. We may even relish it. But occasionally, that … Continue reading

My Latest Release

My Latest Release – “Impossible Liaison” I’m very excited to be able to share my latest release with you. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for my new story “Impossible Liaison” to see the light but finally the day is here. This story is part of The Wild Rose Press’s “Champagne” line. Content in this line is slightly more graphic. The publisher advertises these stories as “sensual”. As I know many of my readers prefer a clean story, I … Continue reading