Romance Stories With A New Zealand Flavour

Why do I insist on writing romance stories with a New Zealand flavour? As a newbie writer I remember being told to find something unique about my writing. Something which would single it out from the hordes of other romance books being published every year. Something which would bring readers back to my stories, and have them looking out for my next romance. When I was growing up I loved the romance stories written by Essie Summers. She was a … Continue reading

Hosting Visitors is Great Fun

Visitors Its always with a great sense of pride and enjoyment that I show off a little of my beautiful country to overseas visitors. I love to have people visit and consider myself so lucky to have friends who are able to stop by and say hi when New Zealand is so far away from everywhere else. This last month we’ve enjoyed the company of a couple from Hawaii. While not native Hawaiians – Jim serves in the US Navy … Continue reading

“Worlds Collide”

“Worlds Collide” Is Ready For Submission I’m currently doing a final read through of the story I’ve entitled “Worlds Collide” prior to submitting it to The Wild Rose Press for consideration. With my previous stories I’ve always found this a rather tedious task but with this one my attitude seems different. Perhaps it’s because the story has taken me so long to uncover. Justin’s story has been simmering ever since I wrote “Worlds Apart” over ten years ago. I even … Continue reading

Is ‘That’ A Superfluous Word?

Is ‘That’ Really Necessary? How many times while editing have you hit the delete button as you find yet another “that” in your story? But is ‘that’ really a superfluous word? Oh boy! I never realised how complicated the word “that” actually was. In my dictionary, a Cassell Concise English version, the explanation for what “that” means is a rather long and differs slightly depending on whether the word is used as an adverb, a pronoun, an adjective, a conjunction … Continue reading

Editing Your Words

Editing Your Words How much do you love editing your words once your story is complete? Is it a bind, a hassle, or like me, a huge eye opener? In my blog last week I touched on how I manage to produce new “favourite” words with every romance I write. But I know I also over use many other common words. So much so I now keep an editing list where I take note of how many times I’ve initially … Continue reading

Self Editing

Self Editing What do you enjoy, or alternatively, find the most harrowing about self editing a recently completed story? Is it the knowledge you’re improving your grammar, tightening the script, catching any little plot points not working? For me I think it is all three and a lot beyond. One of my major problems I’m embarrassed to admit, is my hankering to continue using a word once its come into my mind. With the help of my lovely editor, I’ve … Continue reading


Bliss, Sheer Bliss Had I truly forgotten something constituting real bliss for me, or had it just been a while since I’d experienced it. Now knowing you’re reading the blog of a romance writer, I bet I’ve got you wondering. Your mind is probably awash with ideas, some of them X-rated I’m sure. But hey, don’t forget I write sweet romance, none of the erotica for me. Not in my writing anyway. No, it was something simple that drew me … Continue reading

Holiday Fun

Holiday Fun Happy New Year everyone. I trust you’ve all enjoyed an excess of holiday fun over the festive season and returning to work/school/studies will not be too stressful to you. Holiday fun can come in many guises. Everyone’s concept is different and it would probably be easy to write a book with others’ ideas of what constitutes interesting and exciting holiday fun. Not that I’m looking to extend my writing experiences at all right now. We look for so … Continue reading

Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate the birth of our Lord, may you still enjoy the festive season filled with the blessings of fine food, great fellowship and the spirit of giving and sharing. It’s sad to me that Christmas seems to be losing some of its meaning. Shops the world over are recording record sales as we all scramble to spend, spend, spend during the days … Continue reading

Writing Dialogue

Writing Dialogue Some people have difficulty writing dialogue while others find it a breeze. Thankfully I’m one of the latter. Adding dialogue comes easy to me and I believe it flows convincingly in my romance stories. I hesitate to tell anyone how to write dialogue as I figure if words don’t come easily, the reader will pick up on the unnaturalness of the speech. My writers’ group is currently working on dialogue. This month we presented a piece and decided … Continue reading