Cemetery Visit

Cemetery Visit I’m on of those weird people who enjoys wandering around any old cemetery I come across in my travels. The words engraved onto tombstones can be so sad, so poignant and give us such a meaningful look into the era these people lived. Seeing young deaths and the dates indicating the influenza epidemic or a shipping accident. Alternatively I am often left to wonder what happened as I read these words. The natural deaths, the unusual deaths, the … Continue reading

A Man’s Rights

What’s Happening To A Man’s Rights? What on earth is happening to a man’s rights? Has the world gone crazy? I think it probably has when I read an article about a society trying to make men pee sitting on a toilet when it is surely natural for them to stand. (As an aside here, I point out to US readers, the word toilet is not considered a ‘delicate’ word in other countries so I use it freely) According to … Continue reading

No Romance Writing

Romance Writing Takes Back Seat Romance writing definitely took a back seat in my life these last few weeks. Not because of celebrating the silly season of Christmas and New Year, but a much more personal celebration. My mother reached the giddy heights of 100 years of living. Now I’ve begun writing this there is so much I’d be honoured to share with you about my mother that I’m going to make this post into “Part One” of my thoughts … Continue reading

Researching in Turangi

Researching in Turangi I’ve spent the last few days researching in Turangi. What details I’m researching, or for what story, I have no plans as yet, but I enjoyed the novelty of wandering around one of many beautiful areas of New Zealand. It made me realise for the umpteenth time, just how lucky I am to live here. Without heading in this direction on purpose, I am drawn to our bush. I love the idea of using it as a … Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I hope you have been able to spend this family orientated day with family and friends, or at least remembering happy times of previous Christmases. While this period seems to have turned into a commercial holiday with little thought for anything other than presents, fine food and beverage and general over indulgence I try to keep at the forefront of my mind, the reason for this … Continue reading

Blog Visits

Up Coming Blog Visits Its great to become more active again on the social media front with some blog visits already passed and plenty more to come this week. With the different time zones it is interesting arranging blog visits, I have to remember they fall the day after the quoted date, as New Zealand is a “day ahead” of US/UK. The responses I got for my requests for some blog visits to help promote the release of “Leath’s Legacy” … Continue reading

New Release “Leath’s Legacy”

New Release “Leath’s Legacy” There’s nothing like a new release to encourage a writer back onto the promotional pathway. Or a relaxing holiday to provide her with the energy. I’ve recently returned from a three week holiday in the resort islands of Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand so I have no excuse for not knuckling down and getting involved with promoting my new release “Leath’s Legacy”. Starting tomorrow I will be guesting on half a dozen different blogs and … Continue reading

Return To One’s Roots

Return To One’s Roots How often do we get the chance to return to one’s roots? At whatever stage of our lives we might be at, I believe anything gone before us can be considered as “our roots” because it is there that we have been molded into the people we are today. Without that moment in our past, be it short or extended, we wouldn’t be the person we are now. Without that experience our personality would be subtly … Continue reading

Writing Tip – Where to Set Your Story

Where To Set Your Story How important is the decision where to set your story? What do you need to consider when choosing your setting? How important will a location become to the overall adventure you plan to scribe? I guess all this is determined by the genre you write. Some genres eg. Regency, determine the setting and you have no choice. But if you write contemporary romance stories, then let your mind search the world for something new and … Continue reading

RWNZ Conference 2014 Through My Eyes

RWNZ (Romance Writers of New Zealand)Conference Last weekend I attended the annual RWNZ Conference. For one reason or another I had missed the last couple of years but had been looking forward to another weekend of total immersion in the writing craft. I was not disappointed. The worst thing about a conference where numerous workshops are held simultaneously is that you must miss some workshops that you would have liked to attend. This was the case last weekend, so I … Continue reading