Procrastination Doesn’t Pay

Procrastination Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. How many of us ignore this sensible approach to living? How many of us allow procrastination too large a hold in our lives. Along with having ‘jobs’ piling up around you, putting things off for another day can occasionally fill one with terrible regrets, too. I figure I’m as bad a procrastinator as anyone on earth. I have all the good intentions in the world to do … Continue reading

Writing Tips

Writing Tips From An Expert I’ve been re-reading an article with writing tips from someone who appeared to be quite expert in the field when he appeared at the Romance Writers of New Zealand conference last year. Despite having the flu, James Scott Bell managed to convey some very salient points. I’d slipped this article of his away under all the other paperwork on my desk, and it wasn’t until I did a little office cleaning that I found it … Continue reading

Writing Rewards

Writing Rewards Writing rewards come in different guises. If a writer is lucky, some of those guises might include contracts from publishers, and those lovely royalty payouts, but there are other rewards. Apart from those aforementioned contracts, for me the next biggest reward is probably finishing a story. But completing a tricky scene, or having a epitome of how I can get out of the sagging middle of a story also bring their own rewards. I always feel really chuffed … Continue reading

A Harrowing Time

Harrowing Time Behind Us Now Its been a harrowing couple of weeks for many New Zealanders as we waited for the Rugby World Cup to end, but thanks to our mighty All Blacks now we can relax again. In fact talking to my mother the other day, she brought up a very valid concern – I am suggesting this very tongue in cheek – what are we going to do now there is no more rugby? Obviously she is as … Continue reading

The Story Of “Worlds Collide”

Why The Title “Worlds Collide”? Its time to do a little more blatant publicising of my latest release “Worlds Collide”. I usually struggle with my book titles, struggle badly in some cases – just ask my editor – but with this story the title came to me very early. I wanted to ensure readers would realise this story was connected with my first book “Worlds Apart” but I was initially uncertain how I could achieve this. When I hit upon … Continue reading

Visiting Southland

Southland Will Always Be Home I have just returned from a couple of weeks in Southland, New Zealand’s southern most province. My mother and extended family live down there and the area will always be “home” to me, no matter where I actually live. I’m not sure if its weird or unusual to feel such close ties to somewhere I left over 40 years ago and where I’ll never live again, but there you are, I’m stuck with being a … Continue reading

Why Clean Romance

Why Do I Chose To Write Clean Romance? When I first started out writing seriously I was asked a question. What do you like to read? That was easy to answer. I like contemporary romance. I read little else. But I was asked to dig a little deeper and came up with three different words which apparently describe the same romance sub-genre, sweet, traditional, clean. As so many of us are at the beginning of our writing journey, I was … Continue reading

My Interpretation of Clean Romance

What Is Clean Romance? There is often discussion about the sub-genres within romance and I’d like to add my take on what constitutes a clean romance. Other writers may disagree with my interpretation and that’s fine, but I consider my romance stories are clean so I’m sticking to my stance of calling myself a clean romance writer. As many writers do, when “Leath’s Legacy” was released late last year I ‘advertised’ for reviews, offering to send a free e-copy in … Continue reading


What to do with reviews – good, bad and indifferent. Recently I was asked what I do about my reviews, how do I deal with ones that aren’t so great? Reviews are the life blood of a writer and as I recently posted on my Facebook page, I’m badly in need of a transfusion right now. I am concerned with the lack of any reviews for my latest release “Worlds Collide” and am asking anyone who has read it to … Continue reading

Internet Server Charges

Am I Just Lucky With My Internet Server Charges? What a wonderful thing the Internet is. How did we live without it? It’s become so unimaginable to even consider this possibility now. I’m sure my little grandchildren already imagine I grew up in a cave, or close enough to it. My response to “what did you do when you were little, Nana?” leaves them horrified beyond means. “No TV? but you had your IPad, didnt you? And games on your … Continue reading