How I Began Writing Pt3

My Writing Begins It was quite easy to divide my life into acts as Joanne Guidoccio requested for her blog. As far as my writing went, there were distinct time periods which contributed to my ability to write a decent yarn. The final of these 3 acts actually explains finding the courage to pursue my long held dream of writing a book. What I consider to be my Act Three began some years and two more children later. My eldest, … Continue reading

How I Began Writing Pt 2

Part 2 On My Writing Journey No, my writing journey doesnt begin yet. This has been a life journey. I still had some living to do before life experience allowed me to consider the possibility of my being able to spin a decent yarn. I feel such awe for young people who can produce a readable book, the scribbling from my young days was very amateurish. My second act may seem short, but without a doubt it was the most … Continue reading

How I Began Writing

A Writing Career When guesting on another writer’s blog you are usually asked to answer some questions about yourself and your writing journey. For a number of years I’ve been happily scribbing something every time. I write whatever comes into my mind as I prepare the post, making no effort to check earlier articles to see if I might have repeated myself. I don’t feel like I do but I guess some of the information must be so similar it … Continue reading

Marketing My New Release

Marketing My New Release Its all go at my house. I’ve slipped into the mode of marketing my new release “Worlds Collide” and am feeling the excitement grow. What should I do first? I’ve sorted out numerous posts for Twitter and Facebook. I’ve blog visits coming up, I’m gearing up marketing posts for some of the yahoo groups I belong to. This is an important time to have support from earlier readers and I’m grateful to those who are helping … Continue reading

New Romance Story Released

New Romance Story Released Tomorrow is the day for my new romance story “Worlds Collide” to be released to a world wide audience. The print copy has been available through The Wild Rose Press for the last couple of weeks. But tomorrow sees the digital version of this story, and by far the biggest seller, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most on-line book shops. Obviously I’m excited to have another romance released and have been planning numerous visits … Continue reading

Keywords And Romance Writing

Keywords for Romance Writing This morning I spied an article about keywords and then ended up spending a couple of hours researching the internet for how to make optimum use of keywords in my blog posts to attract better SEO results. I do analysis my posts and try to ensure they do have a fair chance of attracting attention but its always interesting to hear of updated suggestions. While I might have been doing what I was advised by the … Continue reading

Blast of Inspiration

Thankfully Inspiration Returns Its been a while since I’ve felt inspired enough to get back to finishing my current work in progress. But in the last couple of days inspiration has returned and given me a couple of ideas which I hope will nicely round out my story. I needed at least another ten thousand words and had a hole in the middle, yep that sagging middle had struck again. When I put the story aside a few months ago, … Continue reading

Back To Promotion

Back To Promotion Again After a worrying couple of weeks I’m home and able to get back to promotion again.  While it might take me a day or two to get my motivation and writing ethics back, I need to get busy sharing the upcoming release of “Worlds Collide” with my readers. My mother’s health has gone from needing urgent hospitalisation gradually back to normal, thank God. We discovered she had developed hypothermia and dehydration after a bout of gastric … Continue reading

Romance Book Promotion

My Romance Book Promotion Halted My new romance book promotion has been interrupted before it really got started. After beginning to interact with other writers for the purpose of promotion of my latest release “Worlds Collide” I’ve received word my mother (100) has been admitted to hospital in Invercargill, some sixteen hundred kilometres away from where I live in Auckland. Obviously book promotion slides immediately to the back of my mind as I prepare to fly south to be close … Continue reading

New Romance Book

My New Romance Book Is Now Available Great news! My new romance book “Worlds Collide” has been released earlier than expected. At this stage only the print version is available via my publishers The Wild Rose Press, but I understand Amazon will also have it available within the next few days. The digital version will be available as from 15 July. I’m very excited to know my readers will soon be delving into the lives of Justin and Nicole, and … Continue reading