Merville’s Memories After spending the last couple of weeks with my mother – hospitalised after a fall – I had plenty of time to dig around in her memories for little snippets I might have missed. Of course I found quite a few pieces that deserve to be in my previous posts so if you are following my blog about her, perhaps you’d like to also slip back and reread my previous posts as I have added some small extras. … Continue reading

Memories From Southland

Merville’s Memories I can already see selecting how to commence my posts is going to be an issue for me. I guess the easiest way is just to copy what Mum has written herself and hope it makes sense and is of interest. These memories are from around 1919. “We had an old white horse called Snowy and she was driven three and a half miles to school each day. The only memory I have of my eldest brother Allan … Continue reading


Tackling Those Memories I got word from my brother this week suggesting that while he’ll enjoy reading whatever I write about our mother, he’s wondering if I’m going to be able to sustain this part of my blog over a long period of time. After my initial reaction of – you gotta be kidding, of course I’m going to keep it up – came the realisation he probably knows me too well. He definitely knows how much of a procrastinator … Continue reading

Memories – A Daughter’s Perspective

Merville’s Memories Now I have come up with this plan to share my mother’s memories, I’m dead keen to get on with it. I feel ready to burst into print every day, and am hoping that enthusiasm doesn’t wane. When Mum was born, her family lived on a 120 acre farm in Dacre, which is sixteen miles outside Invercargill. “The land was covered with silver tussocks and the boundary on one side was the Te Tipua creek.” (I’ve spelt this … Continue reading

Memories – A Daughter’s Prospective

Merville’s Memories This week my amazing mother celebrated her 101st birthday. For over twenty years I have dreaded having to say farewell to Mum after a visit. Living so far away from her I have always been afraid each goodbye could be the last. That hug, that kiss, they could be my permanent farewell to someone I have tried (and probably failed in most part) to emulate my whole life. We are so blessed to still have her with us. … Continue reading

Reviews Are Essential For Any Writer

I’m Always Looking For Reviews Reviews are as essential for a writer as grass is to a dairy cow. (Yes, I know in some countries cows are feed other “stuff”, but here in New Zealand, they mostly live on grass.) Without reviews we can slip into obscurity – not a place any writer wants to be. But with the help from our readers posting reviews of our stories, we can fly in the face of whatever (writing) adversity might come … Continue reading

Welcome 2016

Welcome 2016 This day has definitely crept up on me but I’m very happy to welcome 2016 into my life. What will this year bring to me and those I love? I hope there will be good health, happiness and an ongoing joy for life for us all. May the bumps along the way be little ones and cause no more than a couple of ripples in an otherwise still pond. One of Loree’s Facebook posts suggested we come up … Continue reading

Two Writers’ Christmas

Two Writers’ Sharing Their Christmas Very soon you’ll see the launch of Heartbeats, Heartaches and Heartburn, the weekly blog Loree Lough and I will be writing together.  We intend to share all sorts of writing, lifestyle and general interest topics. To give you all a little taste of the layout and types of posts we’ll be bringing you, here’s an explanation of how two writers from opposite sides of the world will be sharing their Christmas celebrations with family and … Continue reading

Say Hi To Loree Lough

Come On In And Say Hi To Loree Lough   In a previous post I shared my gratitude toward a very special lady. I know without a doubt I would not be a romance writer today if it was not for Loree Lough. Author bio: Loree Lough Bestselling author Loree Lough once sang for her supper, performing across the U.S. and Canada. Now and then, she blows the dust from her 6-string to croon a tune or two, but mostly, … Continue reading

Celebrating This Week

Looking Back At This Week As I’m sitting at my desk organising some up and coming blogs I intend to post, I realised its been a few days since I posted on my blog. But what shall I write, what can I share? Then it came to me. Why not look at the week that’s just past and decide what there was within those days that I could celebrate. Immediately I knew what I could write about. On Tuesday hubby … Continue reading