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Its great to become more active again on the social media front with some blog visits already passed and plenty more to come this week. With the different time zones it is interesting arranging blog visits, I have to remember they fall the day after the quoted date, as New Zealand is a “day ahead” of US/UK.

The responses I got for my requests for some blog visits to help promote the release of “Leath’s Legacy” were many and varied. I thank those other writers willing to have me visit with them. I enjoyed preparing the necessary posts that will accompany my blog visits. Some include much more detail than others and I hope readers will find them of interest as I divulge some hither to unknown information about myself.

I realise how one can make such blog visits so much more interesting – by the information one requests of a guest – and I will be looking at adding a few odd or weird questions to my own interview list for future guests’ blog visits here.

Please pop over and leave a comment on any of the following blogs during my visit. I will be offering a PDF copy of “Leath’s Legacy” on each blog to one lucky commenter.

15 December

Katherine Grey –

Sarah Hoss –

16 December

Barbara Bettis –

Beverly Ovalle –

17 December

Joanne Guidoccio –

I’ll look forward to talking with you – don’t forget the time zone differences, I may be sleeping while you post, but I will definitely respond.

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