Better than sex.

I’ve just got to share this article my hubby saw in “The Dominion Post” on Wed 14 Oct. I’m not sure who to accredit it to but it’s in inverted commas because I’m re-writing it word for word. Otherwise no one will believe me.

As headlines are supposed to, this one definitely grabs at you. “Better than sex” It could only be referring to a great quality wine or delicious chocolate, surely?
Nah – wrong, hold your breath and wait for the punch line.

“Who needs foreplay when you have a mobile phone? An online survey of Chicago residents showed three out of ten people would give up sex for a year rather than sacrifice their phone. The survey of 300 people, commisssioned by Samsung, found that when asked explicitly which they’d prefer – sex or to have a mobile phone – 36 percent of the women and 15 percent of the men interviewed chose the phone.”

Perhaps the 300 were all under ten. I would add – or over ninety nine – but I don’t think too many folks of that age would really want a phone, either.

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