Writing Believable Stories

Believable Stories

Writing believable stories is vitally important If you are writing contemporary romance. It is essential a reader can relate to every facet of your story. I just read an article that makes total sense to me, as well as restoring my faith in what I’m trying to achieve as a writer. The advice? Make absolutely sure everything you write is believable and realistic. From the plot to the setting to the characters. Make them all real. Nothing will make a reader throw aside a book quicker than their inability to accept the story as realistic. The example given in this article of how much unrealistic drivel ends up in romance stories was to point out the extreme unlikelihood that a billionaire business man would fall madly in love with a waitress or the hotel maid. After all, where would they ever meet as equals (unless marooned on a desert island together or something and then that changes the whole scenario). On what occasions would they get to discuss anything other than the food or changing the towels etc. Maybe that businessman would hanker to have hot steamy sex with the help, but marry them? I don’t think so. Even if we are to go along with this fantasy how can we close the book with a satisfied sigh, knowing they’re going to live happily ever after? Yeah right! Think again is all I can say.  Doesn’t anyone else find this incredulous? We’re constantly being told our heroes must be mega rich Alfa males, but why? Why can’t our heroes be successful and sexy and knock-our-socks-off types of guys – Alfa or otherwise – without this need for wealth? It seems to me that the powers who decide our future as writers are dictating that without money, no one is worthy of love or happiness. What a sad indictment to today’s society. I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts.

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