An Update On Me

I want to share an update of whereabouts I am with my latest story and my writing progress in general.

Covid-19, lock downs, restrictions etc filled my last few weeks. I have been so caught up I have probably rambled on about what was happening in my life during this period. But I’ve not given what some of you have asked for. An update in my writing. And for this I must apologise.

I believe I have mentioned before that somehow my psyche had decided our compulsory lock down gave me leave to relax. I’ve basically treated the last few weeks as a holiday. I spent time enjoying activities usually restricted to holiday times.

I have caught up on some reading. And let’s be upfront about this. Any writer worth their salt must love books. I’ve indulged myself by ploughing through many I have squirreled away at home. While not published recently so are not “up to date” reading, I’ve still loved every minute curled up with one in hand. All in the name of research, of course.

After a slump, I feel my writing has taken off again. I always struggle through the saggy middle of a story. My current work in progress, is no different. But with a spurt of inspiration I’ve now come out the other side. I am probably about 5000 words from finishing it. However, yep, there is a however, it still needs work. My major concern is its length, around 50,000 words. I like my stories to be a little longer. A little more substance in them. So I hope to soon come up with another side plot I can weave into the overall story.

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What else can I update you on? My leap into self publishing is yet to happen. I do have the publication rights back for three of my stories. Once New Zealand has returned to some measure of normalcy I’ll be meeting with a graphic designer for new cover art and then will be testing the waters. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you abreast with my progress. Because I’ll be looking to all my readers to help me succeed in this new, slightly scary, venture. Your willingness to share on social media your thoughts, and I hope enjoyment of my stories will be invaluable to me.

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