An avid and dedicated rugby fan

I must post something today for tomorrow will bring supreme elation or extreme depression. Either way I would be unlikely to want to sit at the computer and compose anything. It is now five and a half hours until the most exciting event in the sporting world will kick off. Yes, you’re right first time. I’m talking about rugby. The Rugby World Cup. You can keep your soccer, your tennis, your basketball, your golf. They’re all great games, great to play and fun to watch, but rugby is more than a game to some of us. It’s part of who we are. In just a few short hours fifteen (plus 7) young men dressed in black will stand with the national behind them. They’ll enter Eden Park knowing the whole country believes in them, will be cheering for them, certain they can bring home to us the prized trophy.
Should the unthinkable happen, and the Frenchmen wield their spasmodic brilliance to outgun the All Blacks, then we may wallow in despair for a short time, before picking ourselves up and regrouping. Our boys will have given it their all, and for that we must praise and applaud them, honour them and celebrate their greatness. The All Blacks are the best, most consistent rugby team in the world. They are world champions. But one trophy alludes them. Until tonight, when it will be ours.

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