A Romance Writer In Bali

What would a romance writer in Bali find to encourage her imagination and send her fingers flying across a keyboard? Resorts advertise themselves as wedding venues. Often couples choose Bali as a honeymoon retreat. All around there is romance and excitement. What a great place to holiday. What an excellent place to gain ideas and explore the romance all around.

Unfortunately while this romance writer was in Bali I found the ambiance of our resorts took away my urge to write. While a few new ideas slowly peculated, not one word emerged from my laptop. Instead I enjoyed the heat and the pools and the delicious food. At the same time clinging to the hope 2 flights of stairs would counter the affect of the lovely Balinese food.

I always appreciate my husband’s ability to track down great restaurants. He insists we eat at local eateries wherever we go. Sometimes finding a worthwhile place takes time, but inevitably the food is amazing. A Balinese cooking course by hubby introduced us to even more authentic Balinese cooking. He prepared enough for us both to share that evening and one dish was spectacularly tasty. I hope he can recreate the Pepes Be Pasih at home sometime soon. We searched the supermarket for Base Genep (Balinese yellow spicy paste) before learning local cooks always make it themselves. There is no shortcut packet or bottle we could bring home. Hubby does have the recipe, and all 17 ingredients should be available in Auckland. I await with great anticipation.

Bali, as in many Asian countries, is a great place to get a massage. I’ve only ever had one massage in New Zealand, but any time we are in Asia, we indulge ourselves. Foot massages are particularly popular with me and my husband. This visit I over indulged myself with a package deal which included a facial. I had never had a facial before. Someone pampered my face for a full 60 minutes, I was in heaven. Wow, what an amazing feeling. I may have dozed off periodically but appreciated the effort the young lady went to to improve my skin tones. Next visit to any Asian country, forget the foot massages, I’ll be lining up for a facial.

We were fortunate to spend some time in Seminyak and Ubud. It had been over twenty years since we’d visited Ubud and as expected, it was unrecognisable. The quiet village we remember is now a thriving tourist mecca. Although our hotel was on a busy road, it felt like we were in the middle of a jungle. Our hotel room included a very romantic draped bed. The staff adjusted the netting every morning and lowered it each evening.

I have to say we enjoyed the pool more in Ubud, the water was a little cooler. Stepping into the pools in Seminyak was like stepping into a bath.

Our hotel was set amid rice paddies but unfortunately it was the wrong time of the year to see any rice. I imagine the area would be spectacular when the ground was flush with rice.


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