A New Phase Begins

A new phase begins as I expand my horizons and begin looking at new methods to expose my work to the reading public. My revamped website is merely the first step. I am very happy with my new design although I know it’ll take me a few days to find how to navigate myself around all the new options available to me. My thanks to my designer who showed true patience while I sorted out what I wanted. Now I need to be careful not to spend all day here because this is so the case of here is my new toy and I want to play with it.

I would like to invite all my readers to sign up for a newsletter I will be starting to produce shortly. To begin with I’m intending to make it a monthly event so you needn’t be afraid it will be arriving in your inbox too frequently. The format is still a work in progress but my intention is to make it as interesting and readable as possible. I’ll be including some writing tips, and update on where I am with my own writing, some humorous antidotes or jokes and some items which might be of general interest to us all.

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