A check for story flow

As I’m closing in on the last chapter of my WIP, I’ve come up with a new way (for me at least) of checking the flow of my story during editing. I’m sure this is probably touted in heaps of editing book or article available to man, but since I haven’t seen it anywhere so I’m going to claim (tongue is definitely in cheek) the idea as my own. Along with all the other advice available re editing, I’m going to start “reading” the story as it’s written in POV. By flicking past the second POV I hope I can catch areas where my H/h might have missed/been unaware of important points, or even changed boat in mid-stream. Being a pantser, these silly occurrences often pop up in my stories and in the past I have spent an inordinate amount of time tracking them down. By reading and editing only one POV from beginning to end I hope to cut down on this time. I’ll let you know if it works.

This past week has produced a couple of highlights for me. Today I received news from The Wild Rose Press that my third story “Time to Bury the Past” is now advertised on their “coming soon” page of their website. I understand it will become available for sale in both print and digital on April 13. Moving on to my fourth story, I have received the cover and once again the artist has done a great job of interpreting the gist of the story to display in picture form.

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